Restarting My Blogging Adventure

The last time I blogged was in 2019.

I can still remember that time. It was February and I was so psyched about creating because I attended this conference (Graphika Manila). It’s more of an event for visual artists, but I was able to pick up some things that I think I could apply as a writer. One of which is to start a passion project.

Since I’m a writer, the passion project that I automatically thought of is to start a book!

Fortunately, this passion project faired better than my blogging. I was able to write and complete a manuscript. Now, the only problem with that is editing it (I’ll write about this some other time).

Now, back to blogging.

I’m not going to deny it. I ditched blogging after getting that high from the conference.

I can’t remember why I suddenly stopped. I think it’s the accumulation of being tired all the time because of my daily commute back then and having no idea what to write about anymore.

I used to travel to and from work for a total of 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday. I was just beat every time I came home even during the weekends. Also, I was frustrated a lot because of my love-hate relationship with my work. I was digital copywriter for a Singapore-based company at that time. I was in charge of curating monthly social media content for some of our clients. The job was easy (Facebook captions are mostly short, so what’s the problem with that?) but I’m more of a long-form writer. Moreover, I’m not really a fan of social media (I only use Twitter to get updates on my favorite KPOP artists and Instagram when I want to post some pictures). So, the fact that I have to create content that has to gain a lot of engagements (I didn’t know what it was called that until I worked for them) in a form of shares, likes, and comments…I was kind of annoyed most of the time. But I did learn a lot. It’s great to understand even a little about how social media as a marketing tool works.

It’s just really not my cup of tea.

Now, that lifestyle of mine is over. I haven’t commuted for more than a year now because I’m afraid to go out due to the pandemic. I only leave the house to buy groceries or do important errands, but never on my own. My mother will have her driver available when there’s a trip that needs to be done.

So, I’m basically stuck at home majority of the time.

I have switched companies, too. I’m still a writer, but I now write long blog articles for a co-working space company in New York. This is the third job I have since I left the Singapore-based one. And, so far, it’s perfect! I’m creating long-form content everyday without much pressure. My manager is a heaven’s sent! She’s so supportive and generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge. I’m also learning a lot about SEO marketing (I still can’t freely apply it on my own, but I have a better understanding of it now than before — it used to seem very abstract to me in the past).

I started working with them back in July, so I haven’t been with them for a long time. Yet, in the span of a month and a half, I have created more than 20 blogs with them and I’m just really thrilled about that. There’s still a lot of pending articles in my to-do list, but I don’t feel tired yet. In fact, I feel more productive – like I need to write more.

That’s why I’m back in blogging.

But it wasn’t an instant decision or an idea. I have totally resigned from blogging years ago. What I did first was go back to journaling. I was watching videos about how to set up a workspace at home and journaling videos just started appearing on my YouTube homepage. So, I started watching them. After all, I was already getting this itch to write outside of work (and, no, editing my manuscript and updating my fanfictions just don’t cut it) and I came across this video on what to do with extra notebooks (because I do have a lot of extra notebooks) and one of the YouTuber’s suggestions is to do morning pages (I’ll write about this some other time).

So, I’m doing morning pages every morning (not consistently, but I’m trying) and while I was on my third or fourth morning pages, I started getting ideas on what I want to write. However, I feel like these topics shouldn’t be kept on a private journal only. So, I decided to create a new blog. As to whether these posts will be read by anyone, I don’t really care much. I just want to put them out here.

Hopefully, I can sustain my blogging activity much better this time. So far, I don’t see any factors that can hinder. I have more time now and I’m also well rested.

There’s really no excuse anymore.

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